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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I make a Payment over the phone with a credit card?
Currently, we only accept cash and checks. We hope to add online payment options in the future.
How can I check my account balance?
Our staff is available during normal business hours to give you information on your account balance. You will also be able to see your estimated balance when logged into your online account.
When will my Board Sheet be picked up?
When you log into your account a bolded box, at the top of the “Order Water” page, will tell you the pick-up time for your board.  You can also call the Office and we will be able to give you the pick-up date for your Board. In addition, at the beginning of each year the office mails you a calendar showing the pickup dates for your Board.
Why am I not scheduled for water when I signed up?
If you believe you signed up for water you can call the Office so the Scheduler can verify the original paperwork.  We will not schedule you for water if your account was closed for a past due balance or delinquent property taxes.
Do you have a list of contractors that can perform irrigation repairs?
Yes, we do.  Please call the Office at (480) 988-9581 and we can provide you with a list of contractors and suppliers.
What do we do if the Sign-Up Sheets are missing from the Board Box?
Please call the Office and we will repost the sheets.  If necessary, we will call each Board customer to see if they would like to order water.  As an added convenience, you are now able to order water on-line through your own account.
Do you include ditch time for the water to reach our point of delivery?
We allow for ditch time so that the first user will receive their water on time.  If there is a delay from one user to the next in the same Board, we are unable to make adjustments since we do not manage the private subdivision system.
Who is responsible for opening and closing gates in a private system?
RWCD does not own or operate any private systems.  Our responsibility to the subdivision is to deliver the water into the private system.  Once the water leaves our structure it becomes the responsibility of the users to manage the water.  This includes opening and closing gates.
What do we do when there is not enough or too much water?
If at any time there is a problem with the amount of water in the system please call us at (480) 988-9581 (24 hours a day 7 days a week) so that we can verify the correct amount of water is being delivered.
The Board Sheets have already been picked up.  Can I be added on?
Yes, you can.  If you call the morning after your board sheet pick up date and time, the RWCD office staff can still place your order.  There are fees associated with adding your order on.  Please contact the office for more information.
I was charged for water I did not receive.  What do I do?
If you ordered water and did not call during your designated time notifying us of the problem then we will most likely not issue credits to the account.  If you call during your water time with a problem and we determine you did not receive all or part of your water order, we will issue you the appropriate credit.
Can we fish in the main canal or laterals?
We use fish in our canals to control aquatic vegetation and minimize sediment.  Therefore, we do not allow fish to be removed from our system.
Can we jog on the main canal bank?
All of RWCD’s property is private and marked with no trespassing signs.
Why do I have to pay the monthly service charge fee for months when I do not receive water?
All utilities have a service charge whether you use them or not. The monthly service charge fee pays for the cost to keep your account open all year. This includes, among other things, annual reporting of water and monthly statements.
Can RWCD irrigate for me?
Unfortunately, we do not provide this service.  Zanjeros are not allowed to enter your property to perform irrigation services.
My neighbor is stealing water.  Can you stop this?
RWCD’s policy is to not get involved with issues between one neighbor and another. Once the water enters your subdivision’s system it becomes a matter between you and your neighbor.
The water is flooding my property and causing damage.  What do I do?
Anytime irrigation water is flooding and causing damage please call (480) 988-9581.  We will take the water out of the system.  RWCD is not responsible for damage due to a Board customer(s) not controlling their water.
Can you tell me my water time over the phone?
RWCD makes it a policy to NOT give water times over the phone.  Please go to your board box or sign up for the email service to receive your water time.  For your convenience, you are also able to log-in to your online account to check your water time.
Do I need to sign up online or at the board?
You are able to use both methods to sign up for water. 
If I sign up online and a family member signs up for a different amount of time on the board sheet, which amount will RWCD use?
If RWCD receives two orders for the same property, we will follow the order that was made online.  The online order was securely placed, so we have deemed this to be more reliable.
If I am a new customer, can I register online?
No, you must come into the RWCD front office to open up an account.
What if I need information about my account; account number, card number, my last amount deposited?
You can call the RWCD office during business hours, and one of our office staff will be able to assist you in obtaining the needed information.