RWCD is a municipal corporation and a political subdivision of the State.


RWCD’s service area covers about 40,000 acres in the East Valley. Portions of the service area of Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Maricopa County are located within RWCD’s service area. RWCD’s Mission is to provide irrigation water to its landowners and to protect the private property water rights of its landowners, while doing so at the lowest possible cost to its landowners.RWCD is an irrigation district that was formed in 1920 under the laws of the State of Arizona. RWCD is a municipal corporation and a political subdivision of the State.

RWCD Office RWCD is governed by 9 Board members that represent RWCD landowners located within the City of Chandler, the Town of Gilbert, and the City of Mesa.

RWCD’s annual operation, maintenance, and capital improvements budget is about $7,000,000. RWCD has about 40 employees that deliver irrigation water, maintain the facilities, and administer the District.

RWCD has a Main Canal that is about 21 miles long; and, an Extension Canal that is about a 5 mile extension of SRP’s Eastern Canal. Both Canals are entirely concrete lined. RWCD delivers irrigation water to its landowners through a lateral system that is made up of about 70 miles of underground concrete pipelines and about 25 miles of concrete lined ditches.

RWCD has a Main Pumping Plant that pumps surface water from SRP’s South Canal to the head of the Main Canal. RWCD constructed a 3.5 mile underground pipeline from the CAP canal to the Main Canal to receive CAP water. RWCD has approximately 50 wells that have a capacity to pump about 85,000 AF of groundwater each year. In addition, RWCD uses industrial effluent received from SRP’s San Tan Generating Station that is located in the Town of Gilbert.

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