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Roosevelt Water Conservation District

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Board of Directors

The District is governed by a Board comprised of nine Directors. The Directors represent landowners located within the District’s boundaries including portions of the Cities of Chandler and Mesa, and the Town of Gilbert. The nine Directors are elected from three voting divisions. One Director from each voting division is elected each year. Each Director serves for a term of three consecutive calendar years.

Division 1:

Board Member Committee Elected Term Expires
Barbi Berge-Woolsey TBD 04/03/2018 12/31/2021
Dan J. Reeb Ways & Means (Chair) 10/02/2001 12/31/2020
M. Brent White, Jr. Audit / Labor 12/06/2011 12/31/2019

Division 2:

Board Member Committee Elected Term Expires
Mark W. Dobson,
All 01/01/1982 12/31/2020
Dawnie S. Stewart,
Audit (Chair) / Ways & Means 04/06/2004 12/31/2021
Edwin C. Lamoreaux Audit / Water 10/04/2011 12/31/2019

Division 3:

Board Member Committee Elected Term Expires
Darnall L. Riggs,
Vice President
Water (Chair) 04/20/1982 12/31/2021
John C. Scremin Labor (Chair) / Water 02/05/2002 12/31/2020
Charles P. Cardinal Labor 08/05/2014 12/31/2019

Voter Registration

On June 7, 2011, the Board of Directors adopted an acreage-based system of voting for the annual election of Directors. The acreage-based system replaced an individual system of voting. Under the acreage-based system, all bona fide owners of land within the District may vote in the District’s annual election of Directors. Every qualified landowner is entitled to one vote for each acre owned, up to a maximum of 1,280 votes, and including fractional votes for lands of less than one-acre (such as condominium owners), not to be less than 0.1 vote. Corporations, partnerships, and other non-individual entities, upon proper application, may designate someone to vote on their behalf. The District Election is held on the second Tuesday after the first Monday in November of each year. Voting Division No. 1 is generally bounded by the SRP South Canal to the North and Elliot Road to the South. Voting Division No. 2 is bounded by Elliot Road to the North and Germann Road to the South. Voting Division No. 3 is bounded by Germann Road to the North and the Gila River Indian Reservation to the South.

Please call John P. Scremin for information about voter registration. He can be contacted at 480.988.9586 or at j.scremin@rwcd.net.

Contact Information

Phone: 480.988.9586
Fax: 480.988.9589
Email: info@rwcd.net